Erkki Kanto
(aka Enrico Canto)

Music Composer and Singer


The best way to reach me is via email:


KANTO PRODUCTIONS LLC received 2021 Best of  Simi Valley Award

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Please check my IMDb Bio at

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You can visit my pages (as a composer and/or a singer) on

There are several recent, short samples of my composed music:

And a one-hour-long video, a rowboat trip on a Finnish lake
(no text, no talking - only my composed beautiful music and wiews)...


There are many albums / songs that I made in Finland, mostly I sang in
Finnish in the years 1979-1987. One album "The Best from Broadway"
is an album of twelve songs that I sing in English (not my composing):

And many casettes, of course...


My Golden Record Award album (from year 1987) "Joulun Kellot" (Christmas Bells)
that I sang in Finnish is also included.
You can find it at:

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The best way to reach me is via email:

Because of the growing number of scam and unnecessary phone calls,
I do not answer the calls from numbers that I do not

In your email, if you so wish, please give me your phone number.